Why Choose UNIDA Translators?

Why Choose UNIDA Translators?

Our team knows that at Unida we deliver more than translation services. We deliver on tight deadlines with accuracy and effective messaging. You need us because we understand your needs and will translate to any and every human on earth.

We help all businesses - small or large, global or local - through localization of content that transcends borders and boundaries. We open up the avenues of communication by ensuring your business's messages are understood in the exact same way no matter who the audience.


Ivana Sedia

Owner, CEO


Ivana Sedia (née Gentile), born in Argentina, moved to the U.S. with her family in 1989. As a fluent Spanish, Italian, and English, and proficient Macedonian speaker, Ivana has always been moved by language and understanding. As a child Ivana was motivated by her ability to communicate with native speakers during her travels across the globe, that motivation sparked her yearning to help cultures transcending borders to find understanding and commonality through language.

With an MBA in management, BA in communications, international relations and diplomacy, and a minor in Italian, Ivana took the world by storm not only writing in Spanish and English for Latino Social Magazine, but also as government advisor, where she utilized her expertise advising and assisting non-English speaking immigrants.

Ivana continuously channeled her passion for helping others through language by translating business, corporate, legal, and government documents while teaching Spanish and Italian in her spare time. As she continued to translate, she understood the immense need for her efficient translating service and a huge interest in learning Spanish and Italian from her surrounding communities. Ivana has since built a team of likeminded, translation experts as the full service translation company, Unida Translation.


You ask, we answer

Our pricing varies depending on the document needing translations and length of document. The price includes proofreading, formatting, editing, quality control and delivery. The price may also include a notary service fee if requested. There may be incremental charges depending on whether the request is a rushed request.

We charge based on the number of words and language to language translation needed. Please reach out to info@unidatranslation.com for further inquiries on price.

Unida Translation requires a minimum of 10 business days for translation services. We can accept rush requests for services needed in less than 10 business days at an additional “Rush Service” cost.

Unida Translation accepts all formats of text.

We accept checks, money orders, cash and credit cards. You can pay by mail or online using PayPal or Zelle. All projects must be paid in full up front before we begin the translation service. All orders are final sale.