The Right Interpreter Can Help In An Emergency Situation

April 4, 2022
Joshua Leventhal

Language interpreting services should be a key component of every police department and fire department across the United States. One out of every five U.S. households speak a language other than English, and one in nine U.S. residents is limited English proficient (LEP). These numbers are continuing to increase. In an emergency situation, these individuals are often the most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, caring for the needs of LEP speakers in the face of an emergency is not always a priority, which can unfortunately lead to unnecessary injury and even fatality. Some regions may not be aware of their specific language needs. A top-rated translation company like Unida Translation can help you in this area. They have interpreters that not only speak most languages, but they also speak them fluently and accurately.

Here’s one story of how Unida helped saved the day.

Kasia, who doesn’t speak fluent English, got locked out of her house by accident. To make matters worse, Kasia’s toddler was inside the house all by herself. Normally Kasia doesn’t leave her baby unattended, but she only needs to go outside for a minute or two in order to get the mail. Fortunately, Kasia was able to get some help from the landscaping crew that was cutting her neighbor’s lawn. They immediately called the local police department. A police officer showed up right away, but quickly realized that Kasia spoke Polish and very little English.

Fortunately, this police department utilizes Unida Translation’s over-the-phone interpreting service. The police officer was connected with a Polish-speaking interpreter within 21 seconds. At that point the interpreter was able to inform the police office that Kasia was locked out of her house and that her toddler was inside all by herself. The police officer was able to open the door and reunite Kasia with her baby.

Unida Translation is a leader in the translation industry. We help all businesses open up the avenues of communication by ensuring that your organization’s messages are understood in the exact same manner no matter the audience.

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