Working With The Best Translation Company Will Help You Increase Sales

March 1, 2022
Joshua Leventhal

Did you know that working with the best translation company could help increase sales of your products or services? First, you’ll be able to reach more people across the United States. Many Americans do not speak English or speak English only as a second language. This means that millions of potential customers or clients throughout the country may very well need your products or services but won’t pay attention to your marketing and advertising efforts if they’re only in English.

You’re losing business if you’re not working with a translation company that can translate your marketing and advertising efforts into multiple languages. Even if you only sell your products or services locally, it still pays to market and advertise in multiple languages to reach a wider local audience.

You need to work with a translation company that can accurately translate your marketing and advertising efforts in a manner that is fast, efficient and cost-effective. The best translation companies will provide you with the ability to reach more potential customers or clients locally and across the United States. Only the best will also help you effectively reach more potential customers or clients and gain more sales globally.

Here’s a story of how we helped a client achieve her goal of going global with her product.

Jeanie was certainly gaining a great deal of fans and followers because of her new book that was written to help people solve their fatty liver issues. Jeanie dreamed of selling her book globally to help significantly more people. Fortunately for Jeanie, she linked up with Unida Translation, a leader in the translation industry. Unida was able to translate her book accurately from English to Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Russian all within a span of five (5) business days, enabling Jeanie to break into five (5) new global markets. Jeanie now sells well over 100,000 books worldwide each year and is also an invited guest to speak at many events. Unida Translation helped Jeanie achieve her dream of helping the world tackle the problem of fatty livers.

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