Always Hire The Appropriate Spanish Interpreter When Going To Court

January 11, 2022
Joshua Leventhal

Did you know that hiring the appropriate Spanish interpreter could make the difference of being judged innocent or guilty in a court of law? If you do not speak fluent English and have been arrested for anything at all in the United States, it’s incredibly important that your voice is heard properly. This holds particularly true if you are innocent of the crime that you are being charged with. That means you need to work with an interpreter who literally speaks your language and will not miss a beat when working on your behalf.

In essence, your Spanish-speaking interpreter is an incredibly important piece of your defense team. The following story demonstrates why it’s so important to have the right Spanish-speaking interpreter. It is based on a situation that a client of ours recently faced. Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.

Laura found herself in a sticky situation: she was being charged with a crime but was completely innocent. Since Laura didn’t speak perfect English she hired a Spanish-speaking interpreter. As Laura was being questioned by the prosecution, she realized that her interpreter was actually changing the context of her answers. This could have turned into an absolute nightmare for Laura. However, she knew enough English to realize that her interpreter was not doing a good job.

Laura decided to interrupt the interview by claiming her interpreter was making mistakes that could have a negative impact on her case – that she was not translating exactly what Laura said word for word. Fortunately, the hearing was postponed. Laura then hired Unida Translation. That was a smart move on Laura’s part because Unida Translation matches their clients with the right interpreter. So, what happened next?

Laura was paired with a Spanish interpreter from Argentina because Laura is from Argentina. The next hearing went much better. In fact, Laura was able to show her innocence and the case was dismissed.

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