We invest in people,
technology and
innovation to meet
the growing demand for
language services worldwide.


At Unida we understand that our clients have unique needs. Because languages are second nature to us, we can deliver quickly and effectively. We've perfected the translation process to deliver in both spoken and written word, helping others understand you is truly our craft.

UNIDA Translation Services Include:

  • 1

    Certified Translation

  • 2

    Government Translation

  • 3

    Legal Translation

  • 4

    Medical Translation

  • 5

    Production Translation

  • 6

    Remote & In Person Interpretation

  • 7

    Spanish and Italian Classes

Our Expertise & Expert Approach

Our translators must be native speakers of the target language and subject matter experts in their chosen fields of specialization. Whether you need technical, medical, commercial or other translations, your text will be matched with an expert in that specific area. All translated documents are reviewed by a second certified translator to eliminate any typographical errors, grammar problems, and any other issues in order to assure delivery of a translation that is corrected and easily understood.

Certified Translations
Legal Translations
Medical Translations
Production Translation
Remote & In Person Interpretation
Spanish and Italian Classes

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